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Hart’s Reptile World is a longtime established reptile rescue organization committed to the humane and ethical treatment of reptiles through rescue, education and presentation.

We have worked closely with law enforcement agencies, reptile owners and community services to educate people about reptile ownership, uphold reptile ownership laws and rescue unwanted, neglected and dangerous reptiles (and occasionally some other critters).

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100% of your donations go to the care and welfare of the animals; from basic necessities like food, housing and transportation costs to support for outreach and educational programs that bring awarness and compassion to the plight of “Reptiles In Need”.

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Hart's Reptile World demonstration animals

Debbie Dragon    |    Henry Hedgehog    |    Cranky Claws    |    Miss Piggy    |    Marvin & Millicent

Volunteer Jeff caring for the rattlesnakes

Jeff the Rattlesnake Man

Besides being a Reptile Rescue organization, Hart’s Reptile World also offers exciting Reptile Adventure Programs that have enthralled young and old alike since the 1970’s. Our Reptile Adventure Programs are educational, entertaining, with audience participation and “hands-on”.

Hart's Reptile World demonstration animals

Party Animal       |       New Age Tree       |       Latest Shawl       |       Fredrick Frilled      

Hart’s Reptile World Adventure Programs can be tailored to accommodate small day cares and preschools all the way up to large festivals and fairs and everything in between. We are available for just about any kind of family oriented event from school classroom settings to parties, scouts, company picnics and churches to large indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Be sure to check out our upcoming events on our Newsletter page!

Tortoise in the grass

Betty Box

Hart's Reptile World demonstration animals

Fair Exhibit         |         Blazer Jam          |         Family & Kids Festival

Hart's Reptile World demonstration animals

We didn’t do it! |  Vincent Vinegroon  |  Allison Anaconda  |  Lady of the “Lew” |  Rebecca Red Leg

Hart's Reptile World demonstration animals

Gator Pileup    |    Larry Skink    |    Huey Leaf Frog    |    Baby Geico Geckos    |    Feather Boa