2009 Reptile Angels of the Year

Posted: January 2nd, 2010 by webmaster

53 Rescue 07-03-09 Beaverton-Ball Python in TrashThis is one of those unbelievable stories you’d like to think is a first…but it isn’t.

In early July 2009 on a 95+ degree day, John and Christina went to throw out some trash at their apartment complex and what a shock. In the trash was a “LIVE” baby python sitting in a broken aquarium.

I can’t even imagine the callousness and inhumanity of people with so little regard for life that they’d throw out a live animal to just die in the heat and trash.

Bless their hearts, even though not being snake lovers, John and Christina just couldn’t leave it to die so horribly. As you would think, they called the police and animal agencies all to no avail. Therefore looking for rescues on the Internet we obviously came up. We were out of town at the time but they were able to keep it till we got back.

When we arrived and had time to talk, it was quite obvious John and Christina were very disappointed in the lack of interest and help from animal agencies. They said they felt if it had been a dog or cat which had been abandoned in the dumpster to die the owners would have been hunted down…like they should have been.

It’s a shame this kind of animal abuse is tolerated in animals not considered “traditional pets” or “cute and cuddly”.

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