2011 Reptile Rescue Angels

Posted: March 19th, 2014 by Lady Croc

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As usual it’s hard to choose just one person/s for the title of Reptile Rescue Angels/s of the year as there are always so many wonderful people that stepped out of their comfort zone to help a reptile in need.

This was also the year for tortoise rescues and we mean “lots” of tortoises, so it was fitting that John, his mom Edith and sister Rhonda get the title.

John and his sister Rhonda were on their way to a job site when they found “Digger” as they named him because he likes to dig, crossing a dirt road in the woods about 15 miles  from their home.

Here’s their story in their words. “You can imagine just how startling it was to see a    tortoise that size  running lose in an area where said tortoise did not belong & could not possibly survive.

Doing the obvious this thing, we stopped and collected the critter before it could  get killed by someone or starve to death.
Thinking it was probably an escaped exotic pet, we tried to locate the presumed owners through word-of-mouth and local advertising.

We were not successful in locating Diggers’ home, if there was one.

We employed the phone book/internet calls and email to find a proper home for Digger, as our reading had shown us that our household was not set up to meet Diggers’ long term needs.
We were, after a number of other contacts, able to find you and your organization.”

Digger has joined our “herd” of tortoises and enjoys interaction with other tortoises.

We now have a number of them his size but he’s interesting because he’s more round than the others and has twice the appetite.

We believe he’s a younger tortoise because his growth rate is phenomenal as he’s already outgrown one enclosure due to the ability to climb out.

Digger has also joined our Educational Outreach Programs and is a real favorite  because of his curiosity and outgoing personality.


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