2013 Reptile Rescue Angels

Posted: March 19th, 2014 by Lady Croc

2013 Reptile Rescue Angels0 2013 Reptile Rescue Angels

Not that their weren’t a lot of people and situations to choose from but this is the first time the decision for Reptile Rescue Angels was an easy one.

Hands down the choice is Katie and Anna. They both went above and beyond in caring for their fosters.

You may recall both of them with lots of chameleon update posts on our Facebook Page.  Always got so many likes and wonderful comments on their posts.

Katie had Leonard the big gorgeous but cranky Veiled chameleon which everyone loved hearing about. His colors were amazing and you could tell his mood by his color flashing. Which if any indication, looks like he swore a lot.

He needed several surgeries on his one eye for infections, which of course he was not thrilled with. After the surgeries Katie had to keep the wounds open to drain. Might add Katie also paid for the surgeries.

Anna had Google the extreme special needs little Veiled chameleon that had numerous medical conditions and so many were rooting for. To say Anna did an awesome job would be an understatement.

In the beginning she got up every 3 hours to feed him he was so sick and weak. With her diligence his MBD subsided and he started eating on his own. He really thrived with her care.

If you’re a new Facebook follower of ours please search out their posts as you will see the real meaning of being a reptile foster parent.


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