Reptile Rescue

It’s important to remember that animal abuse and neglect draws media attention from everywhere and rightly so. However, with global information at hand it’s not long before they’re on to another tragedy.

There’s hardly a follow-up to what has happened to animals seized. They need daily care and attention to recover, thrive and wait for an appropriate loving, permanent home.

As some of the animals we get are NOT pet quality family reptiles, we have to maintain them for long periods of time before finding a qualified placement. Till a placement is found, their financial responsibility is upon us!  Your Donations help us in so many ways and make a huge difference in the lives of these animals.

Please help us keep our Reptile Rescue efforts ongoing.



It seems so hard to understand,
As I look out across the land,
That all I view belongs to me,
I ought to take more time to see!
The distant hills and mountains high,
The rolling clouds and bright blue sky,
No one can take these views from me,
As long as I have eyes to see.
A timid deer with haunting look,
Who stands refreshed by yonder brook,
Knows not that he belongs to me,
Oh, what a thrilling sight to see!
The song of birds so gay and clear,
That fill the morning air with cheer,
And fragrant flowers of every hue,
That stand erect bedecked with dew.
All these and more belong to me,
If I but use my eyes to see.
When evening shadows gather nigh,
And twinkling stars light up the sky,
I hear my master say to me,
“I made it all for you to see”.
My heart grows warm with faith and pride,
To know that he is by my side.
Poem by Ray F Zaner


Below are some of the reptiles we’ve rescued. So many more need our help!

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